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Who We Are

The team at Discover Health Group is made up of professionals who are dedicated to getting our patients back to optimal health. We offer a range of clinical interests and skills to meet the individual needs of each of our patients.

Dr Amy Hurtz


Originally from Queensland, Amy has spent the last two years in Alice Springs before moving to Portland for a (cold) sea change!


After studying at CQ University, Amy practiced in Mackay Queensland and spent a year abroad in Canada, before moving to Alice Springs in 2021. She enjoys providing care to people at any stage of life and has an interest in women’s and children’s holistic health.

Techniques Amy utilises include:

- Low force adjustments including pelvic blocking, activator and cranial work

- Soft tissue techniques

- Joint mobilisation and manual adjustments

- Pregnancy & paediatric care 


Outside the clinic Amy enjoys yoga/pilates, camping, cafe hopping and outdoor adventures with her dog, Rigby.


Dr Phoebe Sharp


Phoebe grew up in Portland and joined the team in 2020, bringing with her experience from clinics across Melbourne and Geelong.


She prioritises patient-centred care, and emphasises personalised treatment plans, often prescribing rehabilitative exercises and other measures to support treatment in the clinic.


With a focus on musculoskeletal conditions, mobility issues, postural concerns, and sports injuries, Phoebe also loves to support women during pregnancy and in their postpartum recovery.


Utilising a diverse range of techniques (manual adjustments, activator, soft tissue therapy, taping, dry needling and exercise rehabilitation), Phoebe helps support patients to achieve their health goals.


Phoebe has completed post-graduate studies in:

- Sports Chiropractic (ICCSP)

- Pregnancy care

- Dry needling

Dr Canh Ly


Canh grew up in a small Canadian town, he journeyed to Sydney for his Bachelors and Masters in Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University, and then settled in rural Mount Gambier. His chiropractic philosophy centres on the notion that movement is medicine, and he tailors treatments to patient’s individual needs. His clinical interests lie in injury prevention, and he assists clients with a broad range of concerns, ranging from pain associated with desk work to acute sports-related injuries.


Techniques Canh utilizes include: 

- Soft tissue techniques 

- Dry needling

- Stretching and rehabilitation advice

- Joint mobilisation and manual adjustments
- Activator


Canh thinks that by providing proper education, patients gain insights into the root causes of their issues, empowering them to prevent recurrences and limit future injury risks.


Outside of work, he enjoys free diving, training at the gym, boxing, and supporting the Vancouver Canucks in ice hockey.


Dr Naomi Fleming


Naomi, a lifelong Portland resident, has devoted herself to delivering chiropractic care to the local community since 1992.

She started her journey at Henty Chiropractic Centre, working alongside her mother, Helen McKenzie, who was also a chiropractor. Chiropractic seems to run in the family, as Naomi's daughter, Eloise, is now also practicing as a chiropractor on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Naomi's practice centres around muscle testing techniques, particularly applied kinesiology, enabling her to identify areas of weakness accurately. She combines manual adjusting, activator methods, blocks, and soft tissue therapy to provide comprehensive and effective treatment.

Dr Nicola Symons


Nicola has returned to the South West after working in Melbourne over the last three years. She enjoys treating all ages including newborns, children and adults. With a strong focus on family health, Nicola provides care during pregnancy, breastfeeding and early stages of parenting to both baby and mum. 


Being a keen runner, she enjoys treating general aches and pains, running and sports injuries, postural and mobility restrictions as well as headaches, neck and jaw pain. 


Nicola is a certified breastfeeding specialist and accredited Possums Mum and Infant care provider.


On weekends Nicola loves spending time with family, creating artworks,  picking fruit at her family farm and training for the next 10km race. 

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The team at Discover Health Group is made up of professionals who are dedicated to getting

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